Connection Card

There is no other solution available today which is as inexpensive
and as feature-rich as Connection Card.

Church Plant
30 Day Free Trial
Use this time to try it out before purchasing.
Card Check-in / Check-out System
Use for weekly meetings or other events.
Track Attendance (Automated)
Keep database of members and attendees
Mailing Address Lookup with Reverse Phone Search
Easy Visitor / New Guest Registration
Link to Students' Facebook Accounts
Online Interface for Card Holding Users
Users can check balances, register for events, and more online.
Instantly Generate Reports
From hundreds of options.
Easily Customizable from Online Interface
Integration with Web Cams
Event Management and Registration
Create/Manage Mission Trips, Camps, and any kind of event.
Generate and Print Barcodes
Special Access Accounts for Administrators
Secure Personal Information
Proprietary encoding and encryption keeps data secure.
Automated E-mail Management and Lists
Integration with Student Leadership Teams
Custom Organization of Small Groups / Classes
Create/Manage Sunday School classes, Small Groups, Care Groups, Life Groups, Cell Groups, any kind of group.
Custom Organization of Work Teams / Crews
Create/Manage Committees, Work Crews, Work Teams, etc..
No Software to Install
Use on any computer in the world with internet access.
Concession Stand / Store Features
Video Game Controller and Item Rental
Checkout, Deposits, and Return
Random Drawing of Checked-in Students
Use for games or giveaways.
No extra license fees for additional users
Card can be used Around the World
At any Connection Card enabled facility.
Constant Updates and Improvements
Use as Complete Church Management Solution
Use with all church members, cards not required.
Mobile Web-App
View and record attendance and other functions on your iPhone, iPod or Android.
Use one account across multiple Departments
Create Divisions for easy organization and use
Library Features
Book/Media Check-out. Global database of media.
Time Clock Add-On Module
Track leader, staff and volunteer hours.
Optional Add-On
$3/month ($30/year)
No Time Commitments / Contracts
Use Connection Card as long as you like, cancel your account anytime.
Locked Rates - Our Promise to You!
We will never increase your account fees (see details).
Maximum Cards
Number of Plastic Cards you may issue.
Up to 100
Up to 200
Up to 1,000
Maximum Contacts
Number of active person/contact records.
Up to 100
Up to 400
Up to 1,000
Maximum Families
Number of active families.
Up to 30
Up to 100
Up to 250
Maximum Administrative Users
All Packages Unlimited
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Monthly Fee
Why does Connection Card cost so much less?
The number one reason why Connection Card is cheaper than most other similar products is because stewardship matters! Ministries and organizations that want to be efficient with their resources and effective in their efforts can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on administration software. And if you can afford it, think of how many hungry mouths you can feed, when you aren't filling the pockets of a single proprietor. Most churches and small ministries can't afford the costly alternatives currently on the market, but still have the same need for a complete administration solution. That's where Connection Card comes in!
Connection Card has been around for 8 Years!
In its simplest form, Connection Card was developed in 2009 by a youth pastor. As a small church with only a handful of families, but a thriving youth group and outreach of hundreds of students, with only three full-time staff, this church couldn't afford administrative assistants or the costly administration software. Having experience in web development, this youth pastor decided to create his own plastic card check-in and attendance tracking system. Since then, Connection Card has grown and transformed into a complete church, youth, and children ministry management and administration solution with plastic card check-in/out, attendance tracking, reporting, and many other features. Connection Card is still owned and managed by the original founder.
Why a web-based system is better.
Connection Card does not have to be downloaded, installed, or transferred. No waiting for large files. As a web-based solution, Connection Card can be accessed on any PC, Mac, Linux, or Android based computer, as well as your iOS or Android smartphone. All you require is an internet connection. This means that you can access your Connection Card account anywhere in the world and there are no software licenses required for additional users or computers.
Cost-Effective Options
Plastic Cards: Although a pivotal piece to Connection Card, the plastic cards are optional. Students, guests, users or parents can sign-in using a plastic card. This is cheaper, more accurate, and more reliable than touch screen or other methods which may be open to human error or typo.

Touch Screen:Touch Screen sign-in and self guided kiosks are also an option with Connection Card. All-in-one touch screen computers are becoming more affordable. There are even Android based touch screen computers available for less than $300.

Smartphone/Tablet Check-In: Connection Card may also be used with your iOS or Android phone or tablet, providing easy mobile check-in and other features no matter where you are.

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Check-in/Check-out System
Track entries and exits.

See Sample
Card Check-in for Camp Arrival / Registration

When campers arrive on-site, use Connection Card to register and check them in.

Can be used either for Guest Groups or for camps/programming that you offer yourself.
Track Attendance (Automated)

Whenever an individual attends your group, he or she can swipe or scan their card to check-in. This information is stored and may be used to track an individual's attendance or to compile attendance reports.
Keep database of members and attendees

You can use Connection Card to keep track of all of your members and attendees. Connection Card is not just limited to card users and still offers many useful features to organizations who choose not to implement a plastic card system.
Mailing Address Lookup with Reverse Phone Search

If a user's phone number is saved but not their address, Connection Card will perform a Reverse Phone Search using various providers in an attempt to find the address associated with a user's phone number. If found, the address will be saved for future use.

Connection Card can generate mailing address labels for quick printing.
Easy Visitor / New Guest Registration

When you register new guests, you have the option to assign them Temporary Cards which can be replaced after a certain number of visits. (Kept track of automatically.) Temporary cards do not impact your card limit and allow you to save money by only giving out plastic cards to individuals who have returned more than once.
Link to Card Users' Facebook Accounts

This system is integrated with Facebook as a Facebook Application. Students that choose to link their Connection Card with their Facebook account will be able to choose to have their Facebook status automatically updated whenever they sign-in at your location. User must grant permission via Facebook
Online Interface for Card Holding Users

You card holding users can login online to check balances, prepay online, update their account, register for events, and much more.
Instantly Generate Reports

Instantly generate reports for attendance, concessions, student lists and profiles, student picture chart, demographics and custom reports along with raw data exports.
Easily Customizable from Online Interface

Easily customizable from an easy to use online interface.
Integrate with Web Cams

Use a web cam to take pictures of new guests upon registration to help you remember their faces.

If enabled, use a web cam to automatically take a picture every time a function is performed for security - know who's using the system and who's swiping someone else's card.
Event Management and Registration

Create/Manage all of your events. Great for Mission Trips, Camps, and any other free or paid event.

Generate Rosters, track payments and forms, and many other event-related tasks.

Users can sign up for events in person, download registration forms, or register online*.

You'll have a complete record of users who have signed up for events. Users can pay online with PayPal or Credit Card (requires a PayPal account).
Generate and Print Barcodes

Generate barcodes for temporary cards, administrative access cards, and tracking rentable items. Barcodes can be easily printed on a variety of store-bough label sheets by selecting the appropriate template.
Special Access Accounts for Administrators

You have the ability to create administrative access cards which Administrative Users may use to perform administrative functions directly from a Kiosk Screen. This makes for quick adjustments on the fly but prevents unauthorized use.
Secure Personal Information

The security and privacy of personal information collected from card users is a priority.

We've developed our own encoding to securely store and retrieve all personal information. Even though our databases are secure, if an unauthorized person came across this information, all they would see is jibberish.

Since the technology used is proprietary, no one else in the world uses our encoding method, meaning that your personal data is even more secure and even harder to hack. All personal contact information is encrypted with this technology.
Automated E-mail Management and Lists

Send e-mail updates regarding upcoming activities, events, or reminders to groups of students or all students. You can also setup your account to automatically send birthday e-mails or new guest e-mails.
Integration with Leadership Teams

  • Manage schedules
  • Automatic e-mail reminders when scheduled
  • Leadership team members can view schedule online (required login)

See also Work Crews / Teams
Custom Organization of Small Groups / Classes

Create and manage an unlimited number of small groups, Bible study groups, Sunday School classes, care groups, and any other classes or groups. Assign any user to any class or group. Use this for organization and administrative purposes.

Class Promotions are easy! Use for quickly promoting children and teens to the next grade level at the beginning of the school year.
Custom Organization of Work Teams / Crews

Create and manage an unlimited number of committees, work crews and work teams. You can assign individuals to various teams or crews, keep schedules, and keep in contact with members.
No Software to Install

Use Connection Card on any PC or Mac anywhere in the world wherever you have intnernet access! There is no software to install, as it is completely web-based. You can even take your Connection Card account on the road with you during a group trip or event.
Concession Stand / Store Features

  • Students can earn credits toward free stuff.
  • Students can prepay a balance on their card
  • Track inventory and sales.
Video Game Controller and Item Rental

Ability to rent (for a fee, refundable deposit, or free) video game controllers or other items (such as air hockey paddles, ping pong balls, etc.). Use this to keep track of your items that you don't want to lose. Charging a deposit encourages students to return items on time.
Random Drawing of Checked-in Students

Random drawing of checked-in students for games or giveaways.

Can be displayed full-screen on dual-monitor setups for live presentation.
No Extra License Fees for Additional Computers and No Limit on Administrative Users

Use the Connection Card system on as many computers in your location as you'd like with unlimited Administrative users.

Unlike most other software providers, we don't charge additional fees for additional computers or administrative users.
Connection Cards Work Around the World at any Connection Card enabled facility.

  • When students visit a group, camp, or school which also uses Connection Card, they can keep their one card for all accounts.
  • Students can track all account activity online from one site.
  • Cards originating from other groups do not count toward your user limit.
  • Card holder privacy and security is a priority.
  • You have complete control over accepting or not accepting cards from other locations.
  • A PIN or Password set by the student is required before a student's card information can be used by another group, preventing unauthorized access from snooping groups or individuals.
30 Day Free Trial

Try Connection Card free for 30 days before entering any credit card information.
Referral Program

Receive $10 cash or one month of service free for each new Connection Card account opened by an organization which you directly refer. New accounts must remain open and in good standing for a minimum of 3 months.
Constant Updates and Improvements

Connection Card is constantly improving with new features being added and others being updated. Since Connection Card is web-based and does not require any software downloads, you'll gain instant access to new updates as they become available without having to install new software.

This is something that most other software solutions can't provide, at least not without lengthy download/install times or an upgrade fee.
Use as Complete Church Management Solution

Connection Card is not only for plastic cards. Connection Card may be used as a complete Church and Ministry Management Solution, providing all the tools and resources you need to manage your church membership, visitors, and staff.
Mobile Web-App

The Connection Card mobile web app, designed with the iPhone in mind, will allow you to view currently signed in users, lookup user information, and check-in users all on your iPhone. (With an added third party app, you can also turn your iPhone into a wireless barcode scanner.)
No Limit on Number of Card Users

Complete Package starts at $10/month for up to 100 Card Users (and unlimited "cardless" users) and can cost as much as $35/month for up to 5,000 card users.

This is a fraction of the cost of most other similar products.
Use one account across multiple Departments

Use the same account for your youth ministry, children ministry, library/media center, and any other departments within your church or ministry.

You can create easy distinctions between departments and can associate different users with different departments for simple organization.
Create Divisions for easy Organization

Separate the account into various divisions, for example, your Youth Ministry can be separated into a "Middle School" and a "High School" division for use at different times with different students and leaders.
Library Features

If you have a Library or Resource Center, you can use Connection Card to manage that area as well. Use Connection Card to Check-in/out books to card users, track inventory, and keep tabs on who still has items checked-out. Thousands of books, DVDs, and CDs already saved to our ever-growing global database. Media which isn't saved yet is stored for future use on the first scan.

The Library feature uses ISBNs and UPCs which are commonly already printed on books, DVDs, and media, requiring no additional work or organization on your end.
Time Clock Features

Use the included time clock features to track hours for workers and volunteers.
Advanced Time Clock Features

Use as Complete Camp Management Solution

Meal Tracking, Reports, and Alerts for "non-eaters"

  • Complete reports/records of who ate when and from what group.
  • Compatible with multiple groups attending the same camp at the same time.
  • You always have an accurate count of how many meals were handed out and how many people came back for more.
  • Track campers who don't eat or miss a meal.
Online Facility Booking

  • Youth groups, schools, and others can book your camp facilities online, saving you time and administrative hassle.
  • Groups can assign cabins online and transfer registration information online.
  • If a group that isn't already using Connection Card signs up for your camp online and creates a Connection Card account, student information and cards are automatically transferred back to their own group, saving them time.
  • Camp receives cash referral benefit for the above groups.
Cabin Assignments

  • Campers can receive their cabin assignments via a Connection Card kiosk at Camp Facility.
  • Easy printable cabin assignment reports.
  • Cabin assignments can be done automatically based on gender and age, or by the group leader ahead of time online.
Online Camp Directory Listing

If you choose to be included, your Camp Facility will be listed in an online directory of Connection Card Enabled Camp Facilities, allowing interested groups to easily find and book your facilities.
No Time Commitment

You are not required to commit to any length of time with your Connection Card account. You may cancel your account at anytime without cancellation fees or penalties. However, please keep in mind, any service fees already paid are non-refundable.
Grandfathered Account Fees

For as long as your Connection Card account is active, in the rare case that we raise our prices, you will continue paying the monthly/annual fees which you subscribed to and you will never be required to pay a higher subscription fee outside of upgrading your account.
Maximum Plastic Cards

This is the maximum number of plastic cards you may issue with your account. Not everyone requires plastic cards. How you issue plastic cards is up to you. For example, you could use your plastic cards only for parents to check-in their children, or only for youth to check-in at youth group. You have the option of creating temporary cards which do not impact this total.
Maximum Active Records

This is the maximum number of active persons you may have in your database. This number does not include guests who have only attended once, and it does not include inactive individuals. However, if using this system solely for youth or children ministry, keep in mind that parents count as people too.