Connection Card Complete Feature List

Connection Card is loaded with features for churches big and small alike, take a peek below at what Connection Card has to offer.

30 Day Free Trial

No Risk Trial Period. Try it out, see if you like it.

Complete Church Solution

Connection Card is not only for plastic cards. It is a complete Church and Ministry Management Solution, providing all the tools and resources you need to manage your membership, visitors, and staff.

iOS App

Download the free mobile app for iOS to view signed in users, lookup user information, and check-in users all on your iPhone.


Track Attendance simply and easily in multiple ways and generate attendance reports.

Plastic Card Check-In/Out

You may use plastic cards to check-in/check-out students, children, parents, or any other individuals.

Touch Screen

Or, you may use a touch screen interface for self check-in kiosks.

E-mail Management and Lists

Send e-mail updates or reminders to specific groups or all members. You can also setup automatic birthday e-mails or new guest e-mails.

Member and Guest Database

Maintain a database of members, visitors and other individuals associated with your organization.

Guest Registration

Easily register new guests and vistors, with or without plastic cards.

Android App

Coming soon, Connection Card will also be available for Android to view signed in users, lookup user information, and check-in users all on your iPhone.

Small Groups / Classes

Create and manage Small Groups, Bible study groups, Sunday School classes, Life Groups, Care Groups, and any other classes or groups. Assign any person to any class or group.

Volunteer Teams / Crews

Create and manage Committees, Work Crews and Volunteer Teams.


Instantly generate reports for attendance, concessions, rosters, member picture directory, demographics, custom reports and raw data exports.

Financial Records

Keep track of giving, contributions, and expenses. Easily generate financial reports.

Year-End Contribution Receipts

Automate the process of generating year-end contribution receipts and letters with just a few clicks.

Event Management

Create/Manage all of your events. Great for Mission Trips, Camps, and any other free or paid event. Generate Rosters, track payments and forms, and many other event-related tasks.

Online Event and Camp Registration

Allow members and the public to register and pay online for upcoming events or camps. All registrations seamlessly get added to your database.

Secure Personal Information

The security and privacy of personal information is a top priority. All personal contact information is encrypted with proprietary technology and secured to prevent unauthorized access.

Custom User Permissions

Complete control over user permissions for each user and user groups. Limit access to sensitive data. Set each user's permission level.

Dymo Printers

Seamlessly integrates with Dymo Label and Receipt printers.

Leadership Teams

Manage schedules, setup automated e-mail reminders when scheduled, and allow team members to view schedules online.

No software to install

Use Connection Card on any PC or Mac anywhere in the world wherever you have intnernet access! Connection Card is web-based, meaning there is no software to install. You can even take your Connection Card account on the road with you during a group trip or event.

Easy Class Promotions

Setup an automated promotion process to easily promote all students to new classes at the beginning of the year in minutes.

Concession Stand / Store

Manage a concession stand / store, track purchases, grant credits to members toward free stuff, prepay balances on cards, track inventory and sales.

Complete Point-of-Sale

Connection Card features a complete POS (Point-of-Sale) interface, providing you a virtual cash register, with complete tracking and report generation.

Item Check-Out

Allow members/guests to check-out items (for a fee, refundable deposit, or free), and track where items are. Great for video game controllers, air hockey paddles, sports equipment, etc.).

Organization Calendar

Keep all staff and volunteers informed with a complete organization calendar. Use the calendar to track meeting times, events, classes, and custom calendars.

Multiple Departments

Split your account into departments, such as youth, children, library/media center, adults, etc. and manage each department separately.

Organizational Divisions

Within any department, you may create divisions to further organize your members. For example, a youth ministry may have a middle school and a high school division.


Use Connection Card to Check-in/out books to members, track inventory, and keep tabs on who still has items checked-out. Thousands of books, DVDs, and CDs already saved to our ever-growing global database and its easy to add new media.

Random Draws

Run a random drawing of checked-in individuals for games or giveaways. Can be displayed full-screen on dual-monitor setups for live presentation.

Completely Customizable

Easily customizable from an easy to use online interface

Online Portal for Members

Members and guests can login online to update contact info, register for events, check balances, prepay online and more.

Constant updates and improvements

Connection Card is constantly improving with features being added and updated. You'll gain immediate access to new features as soon as they are released, with no updates to install.

Special Access Accounts for Administrators

Create administrative access cards which Administrative Users may use to perform administrative functions directly from a Kiosk Screen.

Automated Letters and Mailings

Type a letter once, select any group of individuals in your organization (or everyone) and a personalized and addressed letter for each individual will be generated. You can even print your signature.

Generate and Print Barcodes

Generate barcodes for temporary cards, administrative access, and tracking rentable items. Barcodes can be easily printed on a variety of readily available label sheets.

Integrate with Web Cams

Optionally attach a web cam to take pictures of new guests upon registration to help you remember their faces.

No Limits!

Use Connection Card on as many computers and devices in your location as you'd like. Unlike some software providers, we don't charge additional fees for additional computers.

No Time Commitment

You may cancel your account at anytime without cancellation fees or penalties. However, please keep in mind, any service fees already paid are non-refundable.

Grandfathered Account Fees

For as long as your account is active, your account fees will always stay the same and will never be increased outside of upgrading your account.

E-mail Support

Technical support and customer service via e-mail, guaranteed reposonse in 24 hours. Most requests receive a response in 2 to 4 hours.

Online Training

Unlimited access for all of your users to online training videos to get you started and to help you get the most out of Connection Card.

Optional Services

All features above are included in all pricing plans. We also offer a few additional services or add-ons below.

Address Lookup

When you have a contact's phone number and no address, Connection Card will automatically perform a Reverse Phone Search to see if an address is available.

Optional Add-on
Additional $5 - $25 / month depending on pricing plan.

On-Site Training

If desired, we can arrange on-site training for as many of your staff and volunteers as you'd like. NEW Coming May, 2019!

On-Site Training starts at $2,500, including travel.