About Connection Card

We are not a large company. But we are real people who care about the local church and we love to support church plants. We have big ideas and big goals. Our first goal is to serve your church by providing a feature-rich solution to help you with the administrative burdens of operating a church. We are a small team, but many of us have had years of experience working in small churches, large churches, church planting, and leading youth groups.

We understand that all churches, of all sizes, big and small alike, have adminisrtative needs, and we're here to meet those needs. We also understand that different churches have different needs, we hope to provide the most versatile software platform so that we can meet the diverse needs of diverse churches.

We believe that stewardship is important. We believe that rather than spending $600 / month on software, churches could do more within their communities and around the world if their administration software cost only a fraction of that price. Our mandate is to provide better service and a better product at a lower cost. We strive to provide low-cost high-quality software to help all churches, small and large.

Connection Card features a cloud-based web platform, a mobile app, plastic card check-in/out, attendance tracking, reporting, contact lists, rosters, and many other features. The company is still owned and managed by the original founder, who has over 10 years of experience working in and with churches, bringing practical ministry experience to the development of this software.

History of Connection Card

Connection Card was originally developed in 2009 by a youth leader at a small church who couldn't find any cost-effective solutions for tracking attendence. Many great options existed, but they were over-priced, and not within the small church's means, so he took to creating his own platform. Over the years, Connection Card grew to meet the arising needs of various churches and more recently, a team of five developers have recently given Connection Card a complete overhaul. Today, Connection Card is a complete ministry solution designed for all aspects of church management and administration. Since our beginnings, over 10 years ago, one thing we've always held onto is this: cost-effectiveness.

Connection Card has been around for 10 Years! Not only do we have 10 years experience developing and providing software solutions to churches, but many of us have also worked in churches, and understand first-hand the needs and requirements.

Our Company

Connection Card is a family-owned business. We're not here to get rich or to impress big corporate shareholders. But we are striving to be the best! We're here to provide a useful resource to as many churches as possible and hopefully provide a few jobs to individuals along the way.

All of our employees are hired in-house in our United States office or our partner office in Canada. We do not outsource to large call centers overseas or to software development sweatshops around the world. At Connection Card, we also make it a goal to hire a certain number of newer and less experienced developers, that they may learn from us and that we may help them grow their skills and excel in their careers, whether with us or another company.
Kyle Lawrence Avatar
Kyle Lawrence Chief Architect and Developer
Tyler Abbott Avatar
Tyler Abbott Back-End Developer
Jason Kim Avatar
Jason Kim Mobile App Developer
Melissa Lawrence Avatar
Melissa Lawrence QA Lead
Brayden King Avatar
Brayden King Developer / UI Design
Nathan Miles Avatar
Nathan Miles Developer